Unlike most ad agencies, we’re unlike most ad agencies.

When it comes to advertising, we definitely have a “Wilder” attitude. For starters, our people measure their success by your success. Shocking isn’t it? An ad agency that doesn’t celebrate how many awards are gathering dust in a conference room. A group of marketing experts who could care less about traditional marketing theory. A bunch of non-conformists who get that technology is just another way to reach your customer and not a crutch for an ill-conceived idea.

At Michaels Wilder, we do things differently. And that makes all the difference in the world.

  • sms texting

    Check out our SMS Text Messaging capabilities and how it can work for you..

    Text HELP” to 37718. You may opt-out at any time by sending “STOP” to 37718. 3msgs/week, Msg&Data rates may apply.
  • Michaels Wilder is a Factual Trusted Data Provider

    Factual recently chose Michaels Wilder to join their Trusted Data Contributor Program. Only 13 companies in the world made the cut. Check out our Local Listing Management Programs to learn more.

  • Brand Development Services

    We will ask the hard questions, help you to see new perspectives, and together we will create a plan that will engage your audience like never before.

  • Lead Generation and Pay-for-Performance Services

    You should be looking for the program that best fits the needs of your business and it comes down to two things: Cost-Per-Lead and the responsiveness of your agency.

  • Local Listing Management Services

    Think about it. They’re out there right now, searching on the internet, smart phones, mobile devices, even on gps units.

  • Website Development

    Our interactive experts can help you enhance your existing website and online marketing efforts or we can start fresh and get it right the first time.

  • Mobile Advertising and Marketing by Michaels Wilder

    In today’s tech-driven marketplace, if your brand isn't mobile, it’s not going anywhere.

  • Social Media Marketing

    We can help you put Social Networks to work for you, enhancing your image and managing the perceptions of your audience.

  • Yellow Page Advertising

    Facts are facts. Yellow Page advertising works. Even after consumers do research online, more often than not they turn to the Yellow Pages when they’re ready to buy.

  • Online Directories and Internet Yellow Page Services

    Internet Yellow Pages advertising is trackable, geographically sensitive, and highly effective – you connect with customers the moment they’re ready to buy.

  • Search Engine Optimization SEO

    At Michaels Wilder we have the expertise to make sure you not only get traffic to your site, but that you get the right traffic.

  • Media Planning Services

    We help customers connect with your products. It's not magic. It's media planning based on a real plan.

  • Talent Management

    From how to attract talent to development & retention, we deliver a practical plan supported by solid business cases & metrics.

According to marketing research company ComScore Inc., smartphones are now used by one in four U.S. mobile subscribers. As the mobile channel evolves, data shows that the consumer doing mobile search for a product or service is a highly qualified buyer. Are you reaching this vast market?

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Technology has changed the rules of marketing but one rule remains intact: “Smart companies win.” If you have an established brand or just an idea, talk to us. We will ask the hard questions, make you see new perspectives, and together we will create a plan that will engage your audience.

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Local listings are vital to your success. This is where customers actively search for a specific business or service. (It happens over 500 million times a day). They’re out there right now, searching on the web, smart phones, mobile devices, even on gps units, and the info they’re getting can close or lose a sale.

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