Michaels Wilder - 25 years of Marketing, Design & Branding

Our passion is creating, executing,
and optimizing strategic concepts.

Some people see nothing, we see opportunity.

We’re not for everyone.

Looking for “yes” people? Keep looking. We will be the first to tell you what you need to hear, and sometimes that starts with, “We’re not the right agency for you.”

the joy of living

We love breaking rules.

If you’re always following the status quo, you’re just following the crowd. We’ll push your thinking. How far is up to you and your legal department.

We don’t have secret-sauce.

You won’t see our 180 or 360 or any other goofy process because we don’t have one. Why? Because it’s not the proprietary, cleverly named process that wins results – it’s the people doing the thinking.

Michaels Wilder Agency

Our Capabilities

Saying we’re a full-service agency is an understatement…


Social Media Management
Content Creation
Social Advertising
Paid Search + Display
Local Listing Management


Graphic Design
Print Ads + Collateral
Video Production
Logo Design


Marketing Funnel System
Competitive Analysis
Strategic Planning
New Product Introduction
Market Segmentation
Business Consulting

Brand Building
Brand Building

Content Marketing
Personal Branding
Strategic Positioning
Corporate Identity
Reputation Management
Public Relations

You get about five seconds to hold someone’s interest on your website. If anything is wrong – design, usability, content, navigation and a host of other variables – it’s game over.


A lot can happen in five seconds. Check out our video, and see for yourself.