Michaels Wilder Attitude

If we’re not making waves, we’re not doing our job.

Unlike most advertising agencies,
we’re unlike most advertising agencies.

For over 25 years, we haven’t really cared if our work wins awards, as long as it wins results. We’ve never used the latest tech “miracle” as a crutch to prop up a poor marketing plan either. Come to think of it, we still operate by the simple principle that you don’t have to out-spend your competition, you have to outthink them.

We’re Michaels Wilder. An advertising and digital marketing agency dedicated to bringing people and brands together in ways that are surprising, entertaining, meaningful and measurable.

Advertising that works. Talk about a Wilder way of doing things.

Michaels Wilder Team

Over 25 years of great clients, the occasional bar fight, and a horse pooping in our office.

You don’t survive – let alone thrive – in this business unless you’re doing something right. For us, that means doing things our own way.

For over 25 years we’ve stayed true to who we are. We like the fact that dogs and cats and the occasional horse are allowed to wander through our offices. We take our clients’ success personally (we did throw a punch or two a few years back). We break rules. We celebrate original thinking, no matter where the thinking came from. And we’re looking forward to another 25 years of even bigger results.

Our Team

Michaels Wilder Approach

Strategic doesn’t mean boring.

It means taking the time to understand your brand, your audience, your competition, your goals, your budget… everything that makes you unique. Then it means taking the time to actually think about the advertising – from the medium to the message.

Because when you’re strategic you can motivate people. Motivate them to respond, or join, or buy, or almost anything else you have in mind. Strategy is the key to success in marketing and the last time we checked, success is never boring.


Simplify Things with Technology


Our Capabilities

Saying we’re a full-service agency is an understatement. Not only do we offer basically every marketing service imaginable, we also have people who have experience with basically every marketing service imaginable. At Michaels Wilder, we know that it’s one thing to offer the service. It’s another thing to actually know how the service works, why it works and if it’s right for you.

Local Listing Management
Local Listings Management

With Local Listings, accuracy is everything. Of course with hundreds of sites publishing information using their own databases sometimes accuracy is challenging. Unless you work with us.

Social Media Strategy
Social Marketing & Strategy

We make sure your brand has a fantastic “social” life. From interacting with customers to managing perceptions we help you navigate every aspect of social media.

Search Engine Marketing
SEO, SEM, Location Based Marketing

Your customers are online right now. Thinking, deciding and buying. We make sure that when you’re customers are searching, they find you first.

Traditional and Digital Design
Traditional + Digital Design

Need a logo, corporate identity or anything in print? We can do that. And we can build your website, your online advertising, and just about anything in between.

Brand Development
Brand Development

We can help you launch a new product, reposition an existing brand, or take your brand to an entirely different audience. From strategy to launch we do it all.

Meetings & Events
Meeting & Event Production

The only limit is your imagination. And ours. We’ve left audiences breathless at some of the biggest shows for some of the biggest brands around. Imagine what we could do for you.

Mobile Ads & Development
Mobile Ads & Development

If your brand isn’t mobile – it’s not going anywhere. We’ll make sure you’re connecting with customers when they’re on the go and converting interest into sales.

E-mail Marketing
E-mail & SMS Text Marketing

It’s not the medium, it’s the message. We develop content that customers want to receive so you can build relationships that last and add to your bottom line.

Digital Strategy
Digital Strategy

It’s not just websites and banner ads, our digital strategists look at the big picture and help you identify opportunities (and threats) that are being created by technology.

Video and Motion Graphics
Video + Motion Graphics

Adding video to your marketing efforts doesn’t take a Hollywood production. The rules of video have changed. We should know. We’re one of the ones changing them.

Content Creation & Strategy
Content Creation & Strategy

Content is the foundation of any online marketing effort. Do it right and you can own social media and create an ongoing conversation with your customers.

Talent Management
Talent Management

If you need to recruit, hire and retain people to power your business, we have a company that offers every capability necessary to maximize the potential of your talent management practice. Learn More!

We’re 1 of 26 companies on the planet that made Factual’s list.

Now we’re out to make yours.

Factual Contributor

Always following the rules means you’re always following the crowd.

The average person is hammered by a mind-numbing (literally) 20,000 marketing messages a day. And for some people we know, that’s just on their smartphones. To stand out in this over-communicated marketing jungle you need to think bold and act bolder.

That’s where we come in. We’ll push your marketing as far as you want to go. Actually farther than that. It’s up to you to reel us in when we reach your goal.

Our Process

When did marketing become a self-help seminar?

This is usually where you see a chart or a diagram showing how the plan leads to results which leads to evaluation which leads to modification which leads back to the plan in a never-ending circle of cleverness. Well here’s a news-flash: It’s not the process that wins results, it’s who’s doing the thinking.


We want to become an extension of your business. In fact, we will absorb as much information as you’re willing to share and that includes spending time working for you in your business. We’ve worked with housekeeping and concessions at Walt Disney World. We’ve been line cooks at Red Lobster. And our Creative Director even spent a lovely weekend as a roughneck on an oilrig in Mexico. Ask him about the kidnapping briefing.


Once we know who you are, we can get to work. Whether you’re launching an entirely new brand, just looking for a fresh approach to what you’ve been doing, or you want some original thinking on a key project, we create the strategy and all of the work that goes with it. We like to think of our clients as partners in the process so we may share initial thinking while it’s still just thinking. Good ideas tend to become great ideas when everyone has a voice in the process. Shocking isn’t it?


Once the work is done, we still have a lot of work to do. We monitor the performance of…well everything that affects your brand and your business. What’s working? What could be working better? Where should we be focusing our efforts? Where are the threats and the opportunities? Your brand is a living thing and we do our utmost to help it thrive. As the marketplace changes, we’ll make sure your marketing stays a step ahead of the changes.

Our Values

After 25 years in business, we’ve learned a thing or two. Or three.

What can you expect when you work with Michaels Wilder? One thing you won’t find is egos run amok. Just not our style. Instead just about every aspect of everything we do revolves around three simple ideas…

Stop signs can be great feedback
Stop signs work for a reason.

Why complicate something that doesn’t need to be complicated? Our job is to drill down to the essence and find a way to communicate the message in a way that’s beautiful in its simplicity. After all, if we took simple ideas and needlessly complicated things, we would be lawyers. (We kid the lawyers, no need to sue us.)

No one likes a bore
No one likes a bore.

Entertain them. Excite them. Motivate them.  Advertising has to connect your brand with your audience on an emotional level or it’s just wasting everyone’s time and money. We refuse to let anything leave our office that isn’t pushing the envelope. Even if it’s an envelope.

The Truth Hurts
Sometimes the truth hurts.

We’re honest to a fault. With each other and with our clients. We’re not the type to sit back and watch you casually drive off a cliff while we cash your check. Our business is to help you build your business. We promise to ask the questions that need to be asked to help you think about your business in all new ways.

Michaels Wilder Clients

Our team has worked with some of the

world’s most recognized brands.

Building something special to share with shareholders.

Home Depot
We made credit card training fun. No really.

General Electric
Giving sales people access to…basically everything.

How we turned readers into reporters.

Metro PCS
“Me too” just wasn’t going to do.

Shell Oil
They needed an energy video. With extra energy.

Union Pacific
When things go wrong, we make sure everything is right.

Failure to launch wasn’t an option.

Columbus   •   Dallas   •   Memphis   •   Minneapolis   •   Phoenix   •   Seattle

Platform Services


Wasn’t technology supposed to simplify things?

If you’re confused about the difference between Social Listening, Business Intelligence (Or is it called Monitoring?), Reputation vs. Review Management, Local Marketing SEO, Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing Solutions (Or is it called multi-channel marketing integration?), Advocacy vs. Influencer Digital Marketing, Programmatic Media Exchanges, Predictive Model Attribution, Big Data and Next Generation TLDs, you’re not alone. You’re human.

Fortunately at Michaels Wilder we have humans with the expertise to channel the digital marketing chaos into collaboration for a holistic approach to marketing automation. Whether you need manpower to manage local online listings or you need insight to set integration priorities or you need us to tame the digital dysfunction in your entire organization, we’ve got you covered. 

Digital1Up™ platform suite of tools and services can give you a “one up” advantage.

Learn more here


We’re 1 of only 13 companies on the planet that made Factual’s list.

Now we’re out to make yours.

Factual created their Trusted Data Contributor Program to ensure the data they receive is accurate in every sense of the word. In fact, accuracy is so important that only 13 companies worldwide had what it takes to become a Trusted Data Contributor. We’re proud to be one of those companies.

Basically, if you want to use Factual, you need to work with Michaels Wilder.

If you have at least 10 locations, find out how Factual can help boost your brand and your business. Complete the form below and we’ll contact you. When it comes to local listings, no one comes close to Michaels Wilder. Just ask Factual.


Coca-Cola Enterprises wanted to wow their shareholders during their annual meeting and we created a video that did just that and more. We shot on location at 7 of their largest bottlers in Europe. (It was a tough job but someone had to do it.)

General Electric

GE Energy’s sales organization is massive and it moves fast. We were asked to create a sales portal that could keep up with the pace. The online resource we developed, allows the entire sales team to acquire collateral, build presentations and stay up to date with the rapidly changing world of GE. 

CNN iReport

CNN wanted to allow visitors to their iReport site to be able to upload videos and photos in real time so people could report the news as it was happening. They turned to us to develop the information architecture and the user interface. Working fast we launched one of the highest profile projects for CNN on time and on budget.

Home Depot

Home Depot wanted to create a “fun” way to train store associates about the benefits of the Home Depot credit card. The video we created became an internal cult-classic by using real employees to explain the process in a way that was as unexpected as it was funny.

Metro PCS

To fuel their remarkable growth, MetroPCS needed to attract talent. But the industry had become so generic, just breaking through the clutter was a challenge. We developed a brand strategy that actually made competitive advertising work for MetroPCS, positioning the company as the employer of choice.


Shell asked us to produce an industrial video that didn’t feel like an industrial video. It had to be engaging, entertaining, and exciting to everyday people. Working with their internal studio we developed multiple concepts that told the story about how oil gets from the ground to your gas tank. They wanted to show the human side of energy and we did just that.

Union Pacific

Safety at Union Pacific is at the top of their list. So when they needed to identify all Print Yellow Pages directories that cover their tracks nationwide – that’s a lot of tracks – and make sure all contact information was 100% accurate, we got the call. After all, accuracy is at the top of our list.


Dell needed an interactive partner for consumer and business product launches and we used our expertise in video and motion graphics to deliver high-impact, animated product views and a platform for efficient global deployment of rich media content. We also developed the site-in-a-box platform – a foundation for faster launches, content modifications, and international translations.