We’re not for everyone.

Looking for “yes” people? Keep looking. We will be the first to tell you what you need to hear and sometimes that starts with, “we’re not the right agency for you.”

the joy of living

We love breaking rules.

If you’re always following the status quo, you’re just following the crowd. We’ll push your thinking. How far is up to you and your legal department.

We don’t have secret-sauce.

You won’t see our 180 or 360 or any other goofy process because we don’t have one. Why? Because it’s not the proprietary, cleverly named process that wins results – it’s the people doing the thinking.

Michaels Wilder Agency
Michaels Wilder Agency

Big ideas for small business.
Check out our Startup Lab.

Can’t afford an ad agency? Did you miss the bit about how we’re not like most ad agencies? Before you end up with a do-it-yourself website that looks and sounds like a do-it-yourself website, let’s talk.

Check out the logo we created for Wilder Radio.

While you’re at it check out the music. One listen and you’ll be hooked.

Our Capabilities

Saying we’re a full-service agency is an understatement…

Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing

• Paid Search
• Display + Remarketing
• Local Listing Management
• Social Advertising
• Reputation Management
• IP Targeting
• Mobile Advertising
• Content Creation


• Digital Advertising
• Graphic Design
• Print Ads + Collateral
• Video Production
• Corporate Identity
• Logo Design

Web + Mobile
Web + Mobile

• Web Design
• Native App Development
• Website Hosting
• Copywriting
• Website Maintenance

Branding + Strategy
Branding + Strategy

• Competitive Analysis
• Digital Audit
• Strategic Positioning
• Audience Profiling
• Market Segmentation
• Strategic Planning
• New Product Introduction

(Watch our video and see for yourself)