Michaels Wilder - 25 years of Marketing, Design & Branding

Great clients,
the occasional bar fight,
and a horse pooping in our office.

You don’t survive – let alone thrive – in this business unless you’re doing something right.

We break rules, we play for keeps, and we always celebrate original thinking, no matter where the thinking came from.

For over 25 years we’ve stayed true to who we are. We like the fact that dogs and cats and the occasional horse are allowed to wander through our offices. We take our clients’ success personally (we did throw a punch or two a few years back).  And over the years we’ve learned a thing or two.


Or three…


Stop signs work for a reason.

Why complicate something that doesn’t need to be complicated? Our job is to drill down to the essence and find a way to communicate the message in a way that’s beautiful in its simplicity. After all, if we took simple ideas and needlessly complicated things, we would be lawyers. (We kid the lawyers, no need to sue us.)

No one likes a bore.

Entertain them. Excite them. Motivate them. Advertising has to connect your brand with your audience on an emotional level or it’s just wasting everyone’s time and money. We refuse to let anything leave our office that isn’t pushing the envelope. Even if it’s an envelope.

Sometimes the truth hurts.

We’re honest to a fault. With each other and with our clients. We’re not the type to sit back and watch you casually drive off a cliff while we cash your check. Our business is to help you build your business. We promise to ask the questions that need to be asked to help you think about your business in all new ways.

Meet The Wilder Bunch

  • Shelly Anderson
    Shelly Anderson CEO

    Shelly brings energy to the office that is downright contagious. OK the creative department seems to be immune but no one gets those people anyway. Shelly is passionate about her clients and we promise no one is more committed to getting you the results you expect. She’s the daughter of an entrepreneur and that’s the spirit she encourages (actually demands) from everyone.

  • Myles Bergh
    Myles Bergh Vice President of Client Strategy

    Myles isn’t a strategist, he’s more like a psychic. Where’s advertising heading? Ask Myles. What’s the next big thing in technology? Ask Myles. What’s the best way to connect with consumers? You get the idea. Myles is always thinking about what’s next, how it will impact his clients, and what’s coming down the road. His thinking isn’t just a step ahead, it’s myles ahead. (We couldn’t resist.)

  • Peri Bergh
    Peri Bergh Senior Vice President of Client Services

    Peri makes sure our people get the training and the resources they need to make sure our clients get the results they expect. She has a keen eye for what’s hot and what’s next in our industry. Best of all, she has a sixth sense about what’s a gimmick and what’s a real marketing trend. Thanks to Peri, we don’t get caught up in hype and we usually know about the next big thing before it’s actually big.

  • Colton Joseph
    Colton Joseph Director of Digital Experience
  • Steve Nagle
    Steve Nagle Director of New Business Development
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