A National Financial Institution - Case Study - Michaels Wilder



Financial Institution

Local Listings Management is something that often gets overlooked, but it’s something that – if it’s not done diligently – can absolutely devastate a business. With so many listings on so many websites and platforms, it’s almost impossible for a business to keep track themselves. That’s when having the right partner makes all the difference.


Managing Local Listings can be difficult for any organization. When you have multiple local listings from over 1,200 locations coast to coast, it can be next to impossible. One national financial institution discovered that 71% of their Google listings contained errors. To dive a little deeper into the statistical deep end, that meant that in a single year, almost 1,000,000 of their customers wanted to call but couldn’t. And that’s not counting address errors, hours of operation errors, and branding errors. This financial leader needed some Local Listings guidance. That’s why they called Michaels Wilder.


Over 6,000 locations had a total of 13,650 identified errors. Fortunately we have a proven process that eliminates all errors, in all listings, and actively manages the listings for future issues. Within a few weeks, the problems were eliminated, and customers could call, find a correct address, and (as incredible as it sounds) actually see when different locations were open. Simple stuff, but if your customers can’t find you, they’re not going to be your customers for long.


We continue to work with Google Local to monitor every listing from every location across the nation. Local Listings Management is a vital part of any Digital Marketing effort. At Michaels Wilder, we put in the effort to get it right.