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H2 Strategies Consulting Group

I wanted a partner in my business, and that’s what I got with Michaels Wilder. They have been a major asset to literally everything we’ve initiated since day one. From strategy to creative to just talking about the business, I can’t say enough about the people of Michaels Wilder. They push our thinking, and they don’t miss anything. Even approved work. If they find a way to do it better, that’s what they do. A fantastic asset to our business.


We needed to capture the passion and personality of best-selling author and internationally recognized leadership and sales expert Lee Hicks. That’s a lot of passion and personality to capture. Lee was building a new consultancy unlike any consultancy on the planet. Clients are paired with absolute experts – people who have been in the clients’ shoes before and have proven time and again that they can overcome any obstacles and build lasting success. They’re just as passionate as he is.


They were moving incredibly fast, so we had to do our best to keep up. Structure would change. Direction would change. Names would change. The one thing that never changed was their passion for what they were doing. We helped capture that passion in everything from their naming convention to their logo designs to their website. Seven consulting practices under one remarkable umbrella. As their business evolved, so did our work. H2 Strategies is always thinking about what’s next, and they needed a partner who was on the same page.


We’ve become a valued strategic partner to H2 Strategies. That in itself is one of our proudest achievements as an agency. Some of the absolute top people in their respective areas of expertise now turn to us for marketing and advertising support. They know that we’ll do whatever it takes to deliver whatever they need whenever they need it. (The new consultancy is doing fantastic by the way.)

H2 Strategies Consulting Group Web Mockup
H2 Strategies Consulting Group Web Mockup