Kapps Green Lawn

Testing advertising is one of the biggest advantages of digital marketing. We can literally see results in near real-time. For Kapp’s, if one ad was delivering greater impact, that’s the ad that kept running. It maximizes dollars in a real-world, real results setting.


Their website wasn’t as responsive as it needed to be. It wasn’t responsive in terms of how it appeared on different devices – and it wasn’t responsive in terms of converting visitors into customers either. Our team worked closely with the Kapp’s team to identify key messages and to develop a design that truly captured the culture of this 50-year old family-owned business. We literally became an extension of Kapp’s Green Lawn so much so that we’re still getting grass stains out of our clothes.


This really is a true partnership. They shared their expertise of the business. We shared our expertise of how best to communicate in a digital world. They made suggestions. We made suggestions. They gave us ideas…well you know where this is going. It was absolute collaboration. What started as a site redesign quickly became a bigger initiative that eventually included a referral program and a digital advertising campaign designed to drive traffic to the website.


We tested our digital advertising in a select market and the numbers were just a tad impressive. We received 4.2 million more impressions – a 2,020% increase. CPM was 94% lower. We received 22,548 more clicks and our cost per click was 90% lower. The best part? We had 268 more conversions and still reduced cost per conversion by 59%.

Kapps Green Lawn Web Mockup
Kapps Green Lawn Web Mockup
Kapps Green Lawn Web Mockup

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