Perigen - Case Study - Michaels Wilder




I started my career in the agency world, so I know how challenging it is to develop work that sticks to the strategy but is still incredibly creative. Michaels Wilder delivers. I look forward to seeing what they develop, and I really love the fact that I partner with them in the development. All that matters is the work, and the work is always amazing.


We needed to reach a specialized audience that is bombarded with hundreds of messages a day to attempt to sell them a product (Electronic Fetal Monitoring – EFM) they don’t believe they actually need. (If you think you have a headache, imagine how we felt.)


To reach Nurse Managers, we simply remembered that behind the professional there’s a person. So, instead of medical journals, we used social media. And instead of traditional medical device advertising that is filled with data and technical text, we focused on emotions and featured little content in the actual ads.


Web traffic increased over 1,500% in 30 days and over 25,000% in 90 days. That’s not a typo – that’s a shot across the bow of their competition. The campaign was so successful, we’re partnering with PeriGen to launch their latest EFM PeriWatch by using competitors’ inherent weaknesses against them. Once again, the advertising is unlike anything in the category. Dynamic, emotional, and razor sharp in its approach.

Perigen Web Mockup
Perigen Web Mockup