Charter Spectrum - Case Study - Michaels Wilder




Michaels Wilder is a game-changer. They make my job easier. They have never, ever said a timeline was too short or a budget was too tight. They get to work and they solve the problem. That’s what I look for in my agency partners, and I would place Michaels Wilder right at the top.


Spectrum Enterprise (formerly Time Warner Cable) needed to support a new sales training effort for their national sales force with tools that were simple, easy to use, and something the sales people actually wanted to use. Some existing support materials were complex, hard to understand, and more often than not, they were left in the bag and never presented to prospective clients.


We listened. Pretty crazy stuff but that’s what we did. We listened to sales managers, salespeople and to the people who trained the salespeople. Then we created tools that the salespeople actually wanted to use. We made the end-user part of the process from day one, and it worked. Imagine that.


Salespeople used the tools that followed the training, the marketing efforts, the brand…it was one of those rare moments of harmony that every marketer dreams of. And after a major merger when it was time to create new sales materials for middle stage sales presentations, we were in the middle of the fun. And once again, we delivered on-time and on-budget.

Charter Spectrum Web Mockup
Charter Spectrum Web Mockup