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After completely rebranding, repositioning and basically starting over, we debuted our new products, new display booth, tagline and logo at the largest tradeshow in Self-Storage history. It was a smashing success! The clean, beautifully designed materials were easy to talk about and were a big hit with owner/operators, developers and investors. We had the best products by far and it really paid off. Over 50 quality leads have been added to our pipeline with an estimated value of between $ 500,000 and $1,500,000.One of the best things that happened and we realized early on, was the tremendous confidence we had presenting and talking with potential customers because of the top quality marketing and advertising work produced by Michaels Wilder. It was a great investment! Kudos to ‘Wilder Thinking’.

TPP Logo


Torpedo the insurance industry. It’s fun just saying it and it was incredibly fun to actually do it. Tenant Property Protection has a better plan for owners, managers, and customers of Self-Storage units. They wanted to drop the gloves and you know our reputation for throwing punches. Needless to say, we were all in.


Develop messaging that bludgeoned the insurance business with something they can’t avoid – reality. We have a better product and a much better story. All we had to do was tell it in ways that were a little hard to ignore.


We reinvented everything about TPP – the logo, website, marketing message, marketing materials. We even helped create a mascot for the company. Everything was driven by a strategy that was designed to drive the insurance industry bonkers. We rolled our advertising out at the largest tradeshow in the self-storage industry, and TPP was the star of the show. Over 50 leads were gathered from that one show alone and we’re just getting started.

Tenant Property Protection Web Mockup
Tenant Property Protection Web Mockup
Tenant Property Protection Web Mockup
Tenant Property Protection Web Mockup
TPP Pete