Describing ourselves in 30-seconds.

Our unique approach with each client from a strategic standpoint allows us to help position your business for success both short and long term. We make our full recommendations and contribute to hitting tactical goals, but with a vision and plan that coincide with a clients strategic picture. 

What makes Wilder different?

Michaels Wilder was born out of the desire to find innovative solutions to make businesses easier to discover, impossible to ignore, and ultimately, spark an emotional connection with current and potential customers. Our passion is creating, developing, executing, and optimizing strategic concepts to enhance your brand and fully maximize your digital presence.

Being different is a philosophy that drives the success we achieve with our clients. We don’t see ourselves as just a marketing agency, but rather an agency partner that is embedded within your organization. It motivates us to improve every idea and take on the biggest challenges that your business faces today so you can focus on making decisions that bring you success tomorrow. 

With locations in Phoenix, Minneapolis, Dallas and Austin, we leverage this philosophy to create experiences online, offline & live for our clients nationwide.

Below you’ll find a few different options for getting in touch us. Here’s how to best use them:

  • General Inquiry: Basically if nothing else in the dropdown applies to you, use this.
  • Press: For all interviews, media opportunities, and anything else press-related.
  • Hire Michaels Wilder: If you’re looking for an agency to handle your Creative Production, Strategy, Media placement and/or to consult on your digital strategy, we’d love to chat.
  • Wilder Workshops: Learn from our Senior-Level executives about all-things Digital Media and Content in this one-day, comprehensive deep dive.
  • White Label The Wilder Team: Are you a solopreneur? Maybe just you and a couple others operating your Digital Agency? Build our your services and capabilities by using MW as your exclusive white label partner.

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