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3 Key Ways To Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

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Google My Business (GMB) is always changing and evolving to keep up with market trends. It is important that you keep up with these changes and optimize your listings. Here are three things you can do to take control of your Google My Business listing and use it to increase your customer base.

1. Make the Most of Your Business Description

The “Description from the Business” feature is completely optional and allows you to write a brief summary that will appear on your business listing when it pops up on someone’s Google search. Many businesses rely on the editorial summary created by Google to provide their information to potential customers. Choosing to include additional information on your Google business description allows you to showcase many features about your business such as:
  • Why your company is unique
  • Interesting products or services your company offers
  • The history of your company
  • Your company values, goals or mission statement
 When deciding which information to include in your description, only mention true, accurate facts. Be honest about the nature of your business and what you can provide. List only relevant information. Most internet searchers won’t visit a website or business if the initial information they see is unhelpful or off-topic. Use the space to provide searchers with a deeper understanding of your business to encourage them to come check it out.

2. Take Advantage of Google Posts

Google now allows you to post content directly into your Google My Business listing. Google Posts, allow you to publish current content within your Google listing. The posts appear in your listing results within Google search and Google map. Google offers three types of posts.
  • Event posts: Posts that promote an event your business is involved with or supports.
  • Offer posts: Posts that provide promotional sales or offers from your business.
  • What’s new posts: Posts that provide general information about your business.
  • Product posts: Posts that emphasize a specific product your business sells.
Because Google Posts are only 100-300 words long, they are simple to write and don’t require a significant time commitment. Posting updates on new products, upcoming events or promotions can encourage searchers to scroll through your profile, visit your website or even visit your business.
You can also add an eye-catching image or video to your post to make it even more appealing. Many searchers are more drawn to images and pictures than text and will be more likely to visit a website if they can get a glimpse of what it might be like. This is also a good way to draw more attention to your company logo or brand.
As you create your posts, start with attention-grabbing information. The first 80 characters are all the reader will be able to see unless he or she decides to click on your post to continue reading. It is also smart to add a button to each post to alert your reader to the fact there is additional information on your post or website they might be interested in.

3. Participate in Google Q&A Conversations

The Q&A feature was designed to give potential clients more details about a business before they visit its website or store. Google Q&A is largely unmonitored and can cause frustrations for your business if you don’t know how to use it to your advantage. Understanding the benefits of this feature can help you see it as a positive way to answer potential customers FAQ’s without requiring them to view your website.
One way to leverage Google Q&A is to seed your listings with common questions your audience may have. A great place to start is modifying your website FAQ for use in Google Q&A.
It is important to know that anyone can ask and answer questions in Google Q&A. Many businesses make the mistake of letting previous customers attempt to answer questions a searcher asks. The problem with this approach is customers never have as much information about your products and services as you do. There may be incorrect answers posted out of customer ignorance. Participating in conversations and answering questions in a polite, informative way not only provides potential clients with correct information about your business but gives it credibility.
As you ask and answer questions or participate in conversations, remember not to use jargon or marketing language. This should also not be seen as an opportunity to stuff keywords onto your listing. Being detailed, concise and using the language of the brand as you respond to questions in a timely manner may very well earn you new clients and increase your business.

Let the Professionals Handle Your Business Optimization

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