Reinventing the Traditional Marketing Agency

With everyone and their mother selling courses on how to run Facebook ads and claiming to be a digital marketing “guru,” the traditional marketing agency is obsolete. That may sound like a bold statement, but I hope you’ll hear me out.

Over the past year, I’ve noticed that’s it’s becoming harder and harder for businesses to identify who the real experts are. After all, the one who speaks the loudest is usually the one who commands the most attention (although that doesn’t mean they’re the ones with the right answer). After you get past all the bluster, you realize that those so-called experts can’t actually answer any of your questions. The truth is that they just took a quick online course and paid to learn some superficial talking points. Once the conversation goes off script, you’ll just hear crickets.

That’s when I realized that to set ourselves apart from the phonies, we’re going to need to adapt.

A Wilder Approach to the Old Agency Model

When you visit our website, you aren’t immediately going to be hit with a list of services we want you to buy. Instead, you’ll see new articles that are relevant to every person or business in the marketing industry. Whether you’re a Marketing Manager in a massive company, an Entrepreneur who’s focused on building something special, or even a Freelancer working with many different clients, the content we’ll create is for everyone.

This value-first approach allows us to showcase our knowledge and set ourselves apart from the pretenders.

Other agencies stay tight-lipped about their process. They’re afraid that if you know how to do it yourself, you won’t need them. We think that’s B.S.

You may have noticed that our website looks a little different from most other marketing agencies. Every day our homepage changes to showcase a new daily article (So you may want to bookmark it). We cover topics from entrepreneurship and business development to branding and social media marketing, and each time you log on, you’ll find new tips on how to position your business, whether you’re a one-man operation or a medium-sized organization, for success in the modern market.

We realize that, for many of you, marketing is just one more responsibility on a long list of chores that keep your business running. That’s why much of our content is focused around giving you tangible tips you can implement quickly and easily whenever you have a spare minute. We want to help you optimize your efforts for maximum returns.

This is the next evolution of the agency model.

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Are Agencies Truly Evil?

It’s a common assumption that all marketing agencies are prohibitively expensive and that their first and only objective is to make money for themselves.

That’s not the case with us.

You’re probably wondering, “What does Michaels Wilder actually get out of this?” We are, after all, a business, so what do we stand to gain from giving away all our “insider secrets” for free?

The answer is simple.

Michaels Wilder is a full-service marketing agency that handles everything for you from web design to social media marketing, but I’m sure you can find dozens of other agencies that will tell you the exact same thing. What sets us apart is that we want to help you be successful—whether or not you choose to hire us.

When you hop on a call with Curtis Shaw (our Executive Director of Accounts) and me, the first thing you’ll notice is that we genuinely care about your experience, and we embrace challenges because they keep us on our toes. We pride ourselves on our relationships with long-term clientele —not quick, one-off projects that only last 60-90 days. You deserve more than that.

When we start our discovery with you, we don’t only look at the issue at hand. We find out everything we can about your business so we can see how that issue will connect to the big picture in the long-term. That way, we won’t need to start from scratch 9 months from now when something inevitably changes. We want you to get the attention you deserve. That’s why the brains of our operation, the executive team, is on every single discovery call.

What’s in it for Us?

You’re probably wondering, “What does Michaels Wilder actually get out of this?” We are, after all, a business, so what do we stand to gain from giving away all our “insider secrets” for free?

The answer is simple.

I, personally, want your attention, not your money.

If you’re able to let you guard down and let go of your traditional notions of what a marketing agency can look like, you’ll be better positioned to make use of the knowledge we’ll be giving you. That openness is something money could never buy, and I’m content with that. Making money is absolutely important, but helping others will forever be the right thing to do.

While many of you will never work with us (and that is 100% okay), we’re also producing content for the businesses, entrepreneurs, and marketing professionals who may, one day, want to hire us to work on a project. If and when that time comes, we want to be able to hit the ground running with a client who’s prepared and knows our approach.

I promise you that we’ll never withhold our best content and gate it behind a paywall.

We want to help you get on the right track, but far too often clients zero in on what “other companies” are doing. To them, if another company is successful, they must be doing everything right when it comes to marketing. The problem with this assumption is that you risk sacrificing what’s best for you by focusing on what’s best for someone else. Far too often, we have to start over from square one with new clients because they’ve tried to emulate another company and the processes aren’t working. It’s never fun to break the news that we have to reset and that the time and energy they’ve previously put into an initiative was for nothing. Before we can get to work, we have to focus on building the structure and process that ensures something like that doesn’t happen again in the future.

Our main goal is to help you position your business in the correct way, so when it comes time to scale up, you already have a solid foundation. That saves money for you and saves time for your potential internal resource or agency partner that could be better spent on more advanced tactics.

This is how we’re shaking up the traditional model in a way that benefits both the client and the agency.

Ask Us Anything

Enter: Ask Mike Speer. (That’s me.) I’m so committed to this mission and the new model, I’ll be responding to all of your questions weekly. Every Monday and Friday I will answer all of your recently submitted questions. Some of these may come in the form of a written response. Some will be video. Heck, I may even go live and throw out the rundown every now and again.

We want to make sure that we respond to the topics that matter most to you, so we want to hear from our community—the Wilder Tribe that visits our site and consumes our content. This entire re-positioning is more about you than it is about us. Take advantage. Click to fill out the question form below, and I promise to answer your question in the near future!

Leading with Value

Whatever your level of investment—whether that’s in the form of a financial investment or simply your attention—we want you to be able to find something valuable in what we have to offer. This value-first mindset is what we bring to all of our content.

If, for example, you’ve noticed businesses using Instagram Stories as a marketing tool, and you want to try it for yourself, we’re not going to try to sell you an overpriced solution or tell you that you need to hire a social media expert. If you’re interested in having someone do it for you, great. If not, we’ll tell you how you can do it yourself, the factors you need to consider, and the key tips that will help you stand out. And I promise you that we’ll never withhold our best content and gate it behind a paywall. That’s just not our style.

If you take a look around our site, you’ll see what we mean. While other agencies may write a bi-weekly blog post, we’ve structured our entire site around our content. Our mission is to become a top resource for information and inspiration within the business community.

Wilder Tribe

That word—community—is also what we aim to create. Through our content, our initiatives, we want to create a space for people to share ideas and advice. Unlike a traditional business-client relationship, we want this relationship to be a partnership. We don’t just tell you what we think you need to do. We listen, and we collaborate with you to produce the content that you will find most valuable.

We’ve started an online knowledge base in the form of our Facebook Group: Content Marketing for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs. We’re very excited about this free community and the potential that it has to make a real impact.

I created this group to build upon everything you’ve read in this article. By joining our community, you’ll get even more content that we aren’t able to fit inside the framework of this website alone, including Facebook Live sessions, wherein we feature a community of engaged leaders to advise you on a variety of topics relating to your business, and weekly workshops.

Our weekly workshops will be co-hosted by yours truly and a different guest expert each week. These workshops will be focused on giving you a concrete plan to follow through on the featured topic. I wanted to use this workshop as an opportunity to bring in different experts on our team because, let’s face it, no one person knows everything. (You know what they say: “Jack of all trades, Master of none.”) The thing I care about most is getting you the best information to help you succeed. If, however, you don’t want to take the DIY route, we’ll also give you a link to speak with our team about handling that specific area of your business.

While all of this content we’ve described is FREE, we do have a premium monthly membership that provides software to help you automate and streamline your business, allowing you to increase your efficiency and focus on the stuff that matters.

Group of young professionals

Wilder Tribe Premium

We’ve created an exclusive monthly membership exclusively for entrepreneurs. If you’re thinking of starting a business or looking to grow your current business, this package will provide over tons of value, including business management software and personal coaching to help set your business up for success. One software for each of the areas listed below will be included in your monthly membership:

  • SOCIAL MEDIA AUTOMATION – The place social media and content distribution collide.
  • TEXT MESSAGING – The ultimate voice, text, and email Follow Up System.
  • CLIENT CONTACT – Automated cold lead generating software and CRM.
  • FB GROUP MONITIZER – The premier software for automating FB Group leads.
  • PRETTY LINKS – Link shortener and link tracking management software.
  • SOCIAL PROOF – Use pop up social proof on your website to increase conversions and make sales.
  • WEBSITE LEADS – Cold lead collecting software.
  • MAGIC ZAP – Create personalized dynamic content on your websites and amazing automation.
  • INVOICING – One of the most important things is getting paid. This software covers it all.

While your monthly membership gives you ongoing access to this software, there will be additional software offered sporadically with one-year trials. There’s no predicting when trial-based software will be available or what area it will cover. We can, however, tell you that we’ll be working closely with our partners to provide you with cutting-edge automation tools to help your business thrive.


Subscription-based services are also a large part of this new agency model because everyone needs more time. That’s why came up with a selection of packages that give you just a bit more bandwidth to handle the things that matter most.


Instagram and Facebook Story posting is growing 15X faster than news feed posting. Treating stories as its own platform is the “next big thing.” The Wilder Stories subscription is a creative offering wherein we’ll design your images or motion graphics that help you take full advantage of this quickly growing platform.

  • 15-25% of Story Viewers Swipe up for the CTA
  • Stories are where brands make their money
  • 400M Story users on IG Daily
  • 150M Story users on FB Daily


We understand that many small businesses don’t have the budget to hire an agency to operate and optimize their social media presence. It is important, however, to be active on social media, even if it’s only on a weekly basis. That’s why we’ve created a systematized process that we call “The Gateway” that can be customized to fit tight budgets. This is a content-based service with pricing options for DIY and D4Y.

  • Weekly posts based on your niche
  • Templated copy for your posts
  • Images for your posts
  • Curated content that is relevant to your industry.


One of the main questions we often hear from our clients is, “How much content should we distribute?” The answer—yesterday, today and 4-months from now—will always be: “More”. This monthly service will help you fill and dominate your content distribution. We can turn 1 eBook into 30 micro-pieces of content or make 15 pieces from any offering you currently have. The point is: we can help you do more with less.


This is a turnkey “podcast-in-a-box,” covering the entire process from initial inception to a fully-functioning podcast. In an increasingly voice-oriented world, Wilder Podcasts puts you in the position to be successful. Pricing based on the package you choose. Depending on the package you choose, some potential assets include:

  • Website included in all packages
  • Consulting
  • Editing of your recordings
  • Some of the distribution platforms available: iTunes, Google Play, Soundcloud, Spotify, Alexa, etc.

A Marketing Agency Redefined

Well, that about sums it up. Thank you for taking the time to read this in-depth article about our new agency model, some of the new offerings that and what our core mission is.

We’re committed to giving you the information you need to succeed, and we’re excited to see where this new approach will take us.

If you’ve enjoyed anything that I’ve said in this article, found it valuable (or maybe even a little crazy) in any way, consider following me on social. I respond and talk with everyone. That’s what it means to have a community.


Thank you for your attention. I won’t let you down.

Good luck, and I hope to hear from you all very soon!

Mike Speer, Director of Digital Experience at Michaels Wilder