Reliant Health Partners


Our challenge

Help a young company find its position – and its voice – in an industry filled with more established competitors who were all saying the same thing in the same way to the same audience. We were also asked to do it all with a limited budget and a tight timeline.

Our strategy

We started with their brand strategy. We analyzed the competition. We talked to key stakeholders and customers. And we emerged with a strategy that was so targeted our client actually said, “That’s what we’ve always wanted to say, we just didn’t know how to say it.” A new logo followed. The design captured the new brand and gave the company a dynamic image unlike anything in the marketplace. We also redesigned their website so anyone visiting was immersed in the RHP brand. Again, it was unlike anything any competitor was doing.

Our impact

This young company that was once drowning in an industry of “me-too” messaging has emerged not just ready to compete, but more than ready to stand out and win against all comers.

We talked to a few firms that did web design work, but Michaels Wilder was the only one who brought brand strategy to the process. They worked with us to develop our brand and then they took that strategy and surpassed every expectation. Our logo and our website stand head and shoulders above our competition, and people have definitely taken notice.
John Doe

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