Subscription Offerings

While you are focused on today, we position you for tomorrow.

Wilder Packages that help you optimize your business in a modern digital world.

Maintaining an online presence that produces effective results can be difficult and time consuming. Large companies employ entire departments full of people who devote all their time managing their company’s web presence. On the other hand, many small businesses don’t have the time or resources to devote to internet marketing.

As small business owners, we are extremely passionate about our work and our companies. Many entrepreneurs are eager to learn how to best market themselves but don’t have the time or the necessary knowledge. As a result, they don’t always get the best results. Conversely, we help our clients develop and deploy marketing strategies that fit within their budgets and maximize ROI.


Monthly Digital Marketing Services Tailored for Your Business.

Wilder Stories

Story posting is growing 15X faster than news feed postings. Treating stories as its own platform is the “next” big thing. The Wilder Stories subscription is a creative offering that will design your images or motion graphics monthly.

  • 15-25% of Story Viewers Swipe up for the CTA
  • Stories are where brands make their money
  • 400M Story users on IG and 150M on FB Daily

Wilder Social

We understand that many small businesses do not have the large budget to hire an agency to operate their social media presence. We have created a systemized process that we call the gateway. This is a content-based service with pricing options for DIY and D4Y. 

  • Weekly posts based on your niche
  • Templated copy for your postings
  • Templated images for each post

Wilder Repurposing

We get a lot of questions asking how much content should we distribute? The answer yesterday, today and 4 months from now will always be more. This monthly service will help you fill and dominate your content distribution.

  • Turn eBooks into 30 micro pieces
  • Make 15 pieces from each offering you have

Wilder Podcast

Podcast in a box. From inception to a fully functioning Podcast with this package. Wilder Podcasts put you in the position to be successful in a voice first world.

  • Website included
  • Consulting included
  • Editing included

Wilder Tribe Premium

If you are thinking of starting a business, currently starting a business, or looking to grow your business. This package will provide you over $4,000 in monthly value that will help you set your business up for success.


Exclusive business partners of Michaels Wilder.

Natter Social

The place where social media and content collide. Experience the first platform that was created in true al la carte fashion. Pay for only the services and platforms you need. Receive 20% off your monthly plan with the promo code: Michaels Wilder

  • Direct posting to Instagram Business profiles
  • Slack integration
  • Monitor Glassdoor and other review site activities

S2E Solutions

A Leading Recruitment Marketing Agency, using the most powerful technologies and the most experienced people to create talent marketing strategies. Using this direct link, you will receive a FREE 30-minute strategy call for S2E experts.

  • Optimizing businesses for Talent Acquisition
  • Optimizing spend on talent sites
  • Monitor Glassdoor and other review site activities


Subscription Offerings