Michaels Wilder - 25 years of Marketing, Design & Branding

Any knucklehead can build a website

and usually that’s what happens.

Want to build a website?

You have so many choices these days. Thanks to WordPress, anyone can knock out a website. (Curse you WordPress!) Unfortunately, there’s a huge difference between having marketers and advertising people doing the work vs the guy who hangs out at the coffee shop.

At Michaels Wilder, our website professionals know the technology. More importantly, they know how to use it to actually sell. You get about five seconds to hold someone’s interest on your website. If anything is wrong – design, usability, content, navigation and a host of other variables – it’s game over.

A lot can happen in five seconds. Check out our video and see for yourself.

Web & Mobile Case Studies

We can build your website, reinvent your website and lots of other stuff.

Need an app? We can do that. We can help with SEO, host your website, maintain your website and plenty of other things that didn’t make our fancy list of keyword capabilities. Basically anything you need, we can do. And we can do it better, faster, and probably more cost effectively than anyone in the business. Reliant Health Partners, H2 Strategies, and Kapp’s Green Lawn are examples of recent work. More is on the way.

Web and Mobile Capabilities

Web Design

We make sure the single most important part of your brand and your marketing efforts exceeds all expectations.

Native App Development

We know how to build apps that your customers actually want to use.


We have the expertise to make sure that your customers can find you and buy from you.


We know that writing for digital media takes a different mindset. A lot different.

Website Maintenance

We make sure the plug-ins, the security and everything else is up to date.

Website Hosting

We host your website and guarantee you’re online 24/7 with backups on top of backups.